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Police: Peeping Tom shot while peering at nude woman in window

8-8-2012 Florida:

A Peeping Tom was shot while peering at a naked woman through a bedroom window, according to Altamonte Springs police.

A man caught the alleged peeper in the act at an apartment complex on Orienta Avenue in Altamonte Springs late Tuesday night, police said.

Officials said the alleged peeper, Rafael Mendoza-Hernandez, 39, told them he was shot in the right arm by another man who saw him looking into the window.

According to a report, the woman told police she was sleeping when she heard a voice outside her window asking several times, "What are you doing back here?" She told police she heard a small cry and then a gun shot, and then called 911.

When officers arrived at the scene, they did not find any one. However, police dispatch reported a gun shot victim being treated at Florida Hospital Altamonte, where officers found Mendoza-Hernandez.

When questioned by police, Mendoza-Hernandez initially stated that he was walking home from work and a black man tried to rob him and then shot him.

However, police said when further interviewed, Mendoza-Hernandez changed his story saying that he was behind the woman's building, looking into her window while he was peeing. Mendoza-Hernandez said he was approached by a black man who asked him what he was doing. He said the man then punched him and shot him in the arm.

Police said they have not found the shooter, but Mendoza-Hernandez said he will not press charges. ..Source.. by

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