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Fake Sex Offender Fliers Issued In Cedar Hills

What we have here is, the use of the "Sex Offender Stigma," applying it to someone who is NOT a sex offender. Posibly some sort of revenge for a personal dispute. The fact that someone was able to reproduce the normal flier with erroneous information, proves that such fliers should not be used without foplks receiving them from an official source (handed out or a letter from the local police, etc.). Secondary distribution of sex offender information, even when erroneous, should be prohibited lest it lead to another situation as occurred in Florida.

7-11-2008 Oregon:

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Washington County deputies are trying to find out who is responsible for distributing fake sex offender fliers to people in a Portland neighborhood.

Deputies said the notices named a man who not only has never been listed as a sex offender, but has never committed a crime.

The fliers were distributed to homes in the Cedar Hills area of Portland.

Deputies said the notifications weren't created by a Washington County official and the information in the fliers is false. They also said criminal charges will be considered against the person or people who distributed the fliers.

The name of the victim in the case isn't being released.

The notices were distributed on the night of June 29 and the early morning of June 30. They appeared to be printed on Washington County letterhead and read:

"For the public safety and future security of residents, Washington County is notifying all neighborhoods of resident sex offenders. Hereby, a sexual predator, under the name of: [ name removed ] rents in this vicinity. (Region: [ removed ] )

The exact address will not be given due to extraneous circumstances protecting the individual's right to privacy. A press release, 7/28/2008, will be publiczed and televised notifying neighborhood offenders in all outlying areas.

For more information, contact the Washington County Community Corrections Department (WCCC) at 503-846-3400 or visit our website: or fax us at 503-846-8951."

Detectives are asking anyone with information on who distributed the flyers to call 503-846-2704. ..News Source.. by

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