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Justin Vangilder 'wanted to inflict as much harm as possible'

10-4-2013 Illinois:

SHILOH, Ill. (KSDK) - According to a criminal complaint filed by the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois, 23-year-old Justin Vangilder was suicidal and delusional and wanted to kill as many child molesters as he could.

Authorities with the FBI, the Illinois State Police Hazardous Device Unit, and the Shiloh Police Department converged on Vangilder's Shiloh home Thursday around 2 p.m. Inside, they found three pipe bombs in a brief case, shotgun shells, and a bag full of razors, screws, shrapnel, and propane cylinders.

A source from Scott Air force Base visited Vangilder Wednesday night and saw the devices. The next day he reported it to the Office of Special Investigations of the United States Air Force. Within hours, the FBI and local law enforcement took action.

According to U.S. Attorney Steve Wigginton, "These devices were very dangerous and could have caused mass casualties."

Vangilder allegedly told the confidential witness that he was suicidal and had fantasies of killing child molesters and that he had detailed personal information of sex offenders in the local area. He also said he was disappointed in his parents for not supporting him during his recent divorce.

According to the complaint, Vangilder waived his right to an attorney and confessed to possessing three pipe bombs. If convicted, he faces up to ten years in a federal prison.

Vangilder is a senior airman at Scott AFB. That is actually a junior ranking with not more than four years of service. ..Source.. by Leisa Zigman SEE ALSO: HERE

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