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We hope folks will continue to forward links to News articles, Papers, Research and Studies that is now within this blog.

The purpose of this blog is to document, through credible news reports and other research, incidents of vigilantism and revenge, subtle to severe, occurring to folks whose lives touch on sex offenses or sex offenders, or the lives of persons who are perceived to have committed a sex offense, AND their family members. As of August 2013, we have recorded over 500 incidents related to vigilantism and revenge.

Most folks think they know what this means, but there are many subtle variations, not often thought of. This blog documents all forms of vigilantism. Our definitions of vigilantism are here in this blog.

It is important to remember that in this blog only records what journalists have written about, but that does not consider what formerly convicted sex offenders face day to day in their lives. That is never reported, but here is recognized.

The acts of vigilantism that result in the death of a person/s are stored in our "Killings and Murders" -or- "Suicides" blogs.

Note: Starting August of 2012 we will no longer include "foreign FRN" incidents. Unless there is a special reason to save some, those that have been posted will be removed over time.

What does Congress "Protect" on registries?

Once we find or are notified of an article the first step in deciding whether or not to include it in this blog is:

If in the community, Who or What was targeted? (Person / Place or Thing):
  • RSO: A person or persons (many RSOs) identified as registered sex offender/s were the target.
  • SO Acc: A specific person accused of a sex offense, where there are sufficient other facts to indicate an offense took place.
  • RSOs Home: Home of a RSO was specifically targeted (Arson, graffiti, paint sprayed etc.).
  • RSOs Car/s: Vehicle/s belonging to a RSO (Arson, graffiti, paint sprayed etc.).
  • Family Target: A RSO's family was the target. Given -as of this writing- we only have one case, its too hard to give examples. Yet there is one heartbreaking case where a person was accused of a sex offense and was in jail, vigilantes set fire to his home, and his wife was killed in the fire.
  • Business: Means a business which is somehow related to RSOs (Treatment center, rental home/s, place where a RSO works, etc.(.
  • Non SO: This tag is used to identify all sorts of -non specific- things related to sex offenses or offender issues. Generally vigilantes etc. have targeted the wrong Person, Place or Thing but still related. You would be amazed at the mistakes the public makes when fueled by hysteria, but check these for examples.

If in Jails or Prisons, Who was targeted?:
  • RSO Inmate: Someone who is incarcerated and has a prio sex offense.
  • SO Acc Inmate: People incarcerated awaiting processing of a sex offense.

Who Caused the Incident:
Following above we look to see "Who Caused the Incident" by reviewing the article facts. Now if the facts show this is in retaliation for a prior or alleged sex crime, and the perpetrators here are the victim (or the victim's family) of that sex crime, then we tag article "by Victim - Family members." This is a critical distinction because we move from vigilantism to revenge oriented (see revenge graphic), and we appropriately tag the article one of the following:

There is one exception, if the victim "Lied" -and there is proof- then we tag article "Victim Lies" and revenge is ignored and vigilantism is inferred. See examples of actual "Victim Lies" cases.

If article is not "victim related" then other "Caused by" circumstances are identified and the article is tagged, to see these "Other Caused by" circumstances see right side of blog, they are varied.

Falsely Accused:
When the facts show a person was "Falsely Accused" we will tag the article and include a special graphic indicating falsely accused. It happens more often than most folks realize.

Other Tags:
At this point we assign other tags based on article facts. Articles may have multiple Harm Tags. See right side of blog for other tags.

Blog Type: Incident Based
"Incident Based" means all information about one incident, is stored together (a post may contain different versions of the incident, to gather facts, or later proceedings related to the incident), incident by incident. Within a specific incident, we store all information about that incident which may includes multiple news reports.

Now, if a later news report adds something which earlier reports did not disclose, then we will add the later news report to the same incident file, and give it additional "tag/s" as needed. Then folks can later retrieve the incident by any of those tags and have all relevant news reports, we try not to post duplicate news report.

Bad/Dead News Links:
Unfortunately as time goes on some of the Internet links will no longer work. This is due to various reasons such as the site is rearranged, older articles are removed, etc. There is nothing we can do about this which is why we try to capture the essence of a story initially, the relevant facts, so folks can still see what happened.

So, if anyone has anything which should be added, please forward the link and we will research it, and may include it if it falls with the criteria for this blog.

For now, have a great day and a better tomorrow.

Sex Offender Issues blog maintains this -vigilante- list of known people, blogs, organizations, and websites. If you review it take note of the comment IN RED at the top of the spreadsheet before you access any of those sites.

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